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As moms, our bodies go through many physical changes throughout our journey of motherhood. Dr. Lanny was one of the first business owners I connected with in the area and I’m so glad I did! Coming from a small town just outside of San Antonio, my experience with chiropractic care wasn’t quite up to par. Thankfully, Dr. Lanny completely changed my mind on not only the maintenance of my body, but supporting and repairing my body through chiropractic care as well.
I’m excited to share more about Dr. Lanny’s practice, Chiropractic & Massage Wellness Center, with you!
What is your business name and how long have you been in the area?

Chiropractic & Massage Wellness Center. I’ve lived in Lakeway since 1995. I started practicing in Lake Travis 2012 and I started Massage + Chiro 2015.

What are some of your favorite restaurants in the area? (Lakeway, Bee Cave, Spicewood, Steiner Ranch areas)

Pao’s, Craig O’s, Mangieri’s, Flores and Thai Spice

Do you have any hobbies or activities you enjoy here? Please explain!

I enjoy weight training and yoga. When my hip recovers from surgery, I plan to return to Trail Hiking. I enjoy studying Ufology, Astrology and Feng Shui.

What makes your practice stand out to moms in the area? (Aka, what makes you different?)

I’m a firm believer in the muscle work. “Bones aren’t smart…Muscles have the memory”

Mom’s deserve their Zen Sanctuary Time, so I incorporate various forms of Physical Therapy, Massage, Stretching and the adjustment is last. Their minds and bodies need to be relaxed for a more comfortable and deeper adjustment. One that holds longer! Mom’s bodies endure the greatest physical strain on the human frame!

From 2012 – 2013, I practiced part -time inside Blooming Pregnancy Spa. In 32 years of practice I have treated hundreds of pregnant and post-partum Mom’s and it is by far my greatest pleasure to help.

My initial visit will be at least an hour followed up by 35-45 min follow up visits. I treat Urgent care and Wellness care but Do Not do Corrective care.

• Urgent care is to treat an Acute Episode. The first visit helps determine is the pain mild, moderate or severe and kept to 3, 5 or 9 visits. 

• Wellness Care is 1x/month or come back when ever you want.

• Corrective Care is where a lot of other Chiro’s get a bad stigma of “Come back 3x’s/week for 6 months.” Many will just “Whack n Crack” your body cold and you’re in/out in 5 minutes. If the Spines curves are not aligned properly, then the joints, bones and disc will begin to form earlier arthritis. So the Corrective care Chiro’s are not wrong in that philosophy. I just have zero tolerance for not doing the muscle work first!

All Chiro’s also understand that we are not just alleviating muscle, disc and joint pain but by un-pinching and opening the Spinal Nerves. Life Force and innervation feed the internal organs.

What advice do you have for moms that relates to your business?

Mom Time is Imperative – physical, mental and spiritual! When a Mom goes down, the ship goes down. Their bodies have gone through Hell and back. Nine months of weight gain, increased body fat, water retention, physically de-conditioning, forced to sleep on their left side in the last part of the second trimester and if they have one or several other children, chronic sleep deprivation.

Yoga, Pilates, Barre and swimming are excellent for Mom’s. Advance onto weight training, cardio, martial arts, running, cycling, cross fit. Whatever their form of fitness is to stretch, strengthen, sweat, tone, burn body fat, detox and focus the mind.

In my practice I study the muscle imbalances that have been caused by the habits of prolonged sleep positioning, couch habits, car, and computer. Pregnancy induces a women’s body to stream the hormone Relaxin. Making ALL joints susceptible to slipping out of joint, pinching a nerve and cause muscle guarding. During pregnancy I mostly utilize this hormone to help induce stretching, massage and allow for an easier adjustment. Especially in area’s of their body which normally were locked and now able to be released.

Post- partum advice: There are (3) three trimesters to pregnancy which force de-conditioning. The (3) trimesters after delivery are the most crucial to try to regain one’s body back!

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